Who we serve

Community Health Collaborators

Optimizing Population Health requires a focused approach to quality of life factors to improve health and wellbeing. By providing for a healthy life style and access to timely care in the right setting a community can transition from valuing only “Sickness Care” based approaches to “Well Care” services. Shifting attention to the social health determinant factors impacting health creates opportunities for enhanced personal and community wellbeing, creating a spiral of beneficial civic engagement.

TransforMEDx employs proven tools to convene collaborative participation to cultivate shared commitment and accountability in resolving some of our communities’ most insidious and complex upstream factors.  We bring together individuals, leaders from for-profit and non-profit organizations and public agencies to collectively work together in pursuit of better community health outcomes for all.

Upstream Health Solution Providers

Solution providers within the health care value chain, whether they are a medical supplies manufacturer, a leading edge device vendor or part of the pharmatech supply chain, are all challenged to find organizational alignment with the emerging emphasis on population health.

TransforMEDx works with these upstream providers to help them align their business models, operations, governance processes and internal values to be able to add value to the upstream factors that help improve Population Health. Proper alignment will enable them to effectively lead the way in improving health outcomes for all in the communities they operate within and serve.


Health Solution Startups

Innovators play a positive role in disrupting the current focus on sick care by bringing evidence-based approaches to Population Health efforts within a community. When properly implemented these new approaches renew and strengthen community relationships, as well as enable better collaboration between people, their caregivers, their social support networks and social services. Successful innovation implementation requires the sectors of education, health and economic development to rethink their approach and collaborate to impact health outcomes.

TransforMEDx works with innovators to help make their vision a reality. Our ability to help connect the dots and synthesize the impact of innovation to help improve businesses and service providers’ efficiency and sustainability convinces them to embrace these technologies.