Our Team

Dr. Urmi Ashar, MD, MBA


(412) 953-1143


Urmi Ashar is an energetic, multi-disciplinary professional driven by intellectual curiosity and a sense of urgency towards producing tangible results. She has an adaptive approach to leadership and is adept at consensus building to create a shared vision for an organization. Once convinced of the truth and necessity of something, Urmi will gently persevere to realize concrete objectives. She has an innate ability to rapidly accumulate in-depth topical knowledge and understand its inter-relationships with other disciplines, and its implications for the enterprise.

Urmi has an experiential insight into diverse work cultures and realities of a complex adaptive systems along with a sensitive understanding of human nature, which contributes towards her ability to produce transformational results in change management and culture alignment initiatives. Dr. Ashar brought her systems thinking based expertise to the Board of Excela Health System and has successfully helped its management with turnaround operations.

Urmi’s medical background, business experience and sincere desire to improve every organization she becomes involved with all contribute to her leadership value as President of TMx.

Urmi is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Janet Hayes


(412) 303-8367


Janet Hayes is a highly innovative and goal-oriented professional with extensive experience in consulting, project management, operational excellence, sales, training, information, strategic planning, change management, negotiations and the practical application of technology. She is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

She excels at managing complex initiatives, thriving in uncertain situations, applying systems thinking, creating new functions and facilitating consensus. She is certified and experienced in Lean Six Sigma for operational efficiency.

Janet has had a highly successful professional career with key leadership roles at IBM Corporation and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). As a consultant, she has worked with nearly 200 different organizations in different industries, including healthcare (Rehabilitation Institute of Pittsburgh, Cleveland Clinic, Charleston Area Medical Center, etc.), banking, manufacturing and professional services. This experience has given Janet a unique perspective on the importance of looking at every organization as a unique combination of interlocking social and technical systems.

As a Partner, her project management expertise, process efficiency mind-set and information technology background serve to keep the rest of the TMx team focused on delivering true value in a timely fashion during every interaction with a client.

Allan Echko


(724) 941-1756


During his career Allan Echko has enjoyed executive level responsibilities in a variety of professional positions and organizations. That experience has allowed him to develop “hands-on” functional skills in areas where business owners and managers look for outside expertise and advice. Allan is located in Pittsburgh, PA.

Allan has relevant leadership experience managing business operations with full “bottom-line” responsibility. He has proven skills in organizational design & development, strategic planning, customer service management, and financial control. Capable of bringing successful leadership qualities to businesses seeking effective change management, Allan works with clients to ensure that strong financial management practices, personalized employee development activities, and effective organizational team building efforts are implemented and maintained.

Allan’s background includes direct, cross-functional experience managing sales, operations, and administrative support areas in manufacturing, distribution, and direct to consumer businesses.