TransforMEDx specializes in transformative services for public and private organizations striving to improve the

quality of life of all people. 

We guide organizations and the broader community in reimagining  society’s Population Health approach from

reactive to proactive.

Population Health

The term Population Health refers to the health of individuals, organizations and communities.  It encompasses quality of life factors such as social, physical and mental wellbeing. Actions that positively impact Population Health, therefore, have both individual and societal value.

Population Health is generally understood to be comprised of three components:

  1. Public Policies and Programs

  2. Social Determinants of Health

  3. Health Outcomes

Public policies and programs impact the way people live.  The conditions in which people live form the social determinants of health, which in turn significantly impact health outcomes.

Social Determinants of Health

The social determinants of health include living conditions, working conditions and resources “whose distribution across populations effectively determines length and quality of life” (Source: CDC). These social determinants influence behavior.

TransforMEDx understands how the complex systemic issues of poor social conditions and inequitable resource distribution result in health challenges such as stress overload, economic insecurity and limited access to care.   We use our facilitation and implementation expertise to address these social determinants to the benefit of us all.

Upstream Focus

Healthcare delivery systems are responsible for only 20% of what makes us healthy (Source:  Robert Wood Johnson Foundation). TransforMEDx focuses on factors upstream of healthcare delivery, actions that organizations can take with communities to impact the social determinants of health before they lead to health problems.

Impacting the upstream factors of health requires a focused cross-sector and multi-organization collaboration between the public sector, non-profit organizations, for-profit businesses, and the communities they serve.

What We Do

TransforMEDx is a Pittsburgh-based consulting firm. Our mission is to help all stakeholders within our communities improve overall Population Health through collaborative efforts, innovative approaches to value based care, and equitable resource management.

Those of us at TransforMEDx focus on helping public and private organizations take actions appropriate to their Population Health responsibilities — actions which we believe are clearly in their own self-interest.


Social determinants of health are directly related to health outcomes, which are impacted by public policy and private enterprise.  When efforts to improve Population Health are successful, everyone’s quality of life improves.

Community Health Collaborators

Public sector groups, non-profit and for-profit businesses that work together to magnify the impact of their community health initiatives

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 Upstream Health Solution Providers

For-profit businesses, upstream of clinical health care delivery, that provide products or services directly impacting the social determinants of health

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Health Solution Startups

Entrepreneurial efforts that improve Population Health by offering new technologies and services designed to improve the wellbeing of individuals and the health of communities

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